How to grow a vertical upright squash plant and other vines in a small garden sp…

How to grow a vertical upright squash plant and other vines in a small garden space

Creating tension through level differences
New rooms can be created with different heights. Through a sunk garden, an elevated wooden terrace or raised beds, the garden gets more depth. With the help of dry stone walls or natural stone walls, slopes are created that can be planted differently. Thus, different styles can be effectively realized in the small garden, which are nevertheless separated from each other. Through wide steps, on which one stays longer than on narrow ones, the visitor gets from one area to the next and can marvel at various flowers and plants, linger under a Pergola or at a small pond.

Uniform and large-area floor coverings
When designing small gardens, you should pay attention to a few coordinated materials. Various and also very small flooring pieces the property visually; the garden looks narrow. When creating garden paths, you should limit yourself to narrow paths that do with a type of material. A few large-format slabs, stones and steps can also convey a generous and expansive feeling.

Include neighboring plots in the design
Before planting a man-high hedge or planning a visual protection to the neighboring plot, it is important to include surrounding gardens and areas in the garden planning. If, for example, one looks at a field or meadow, the deliberate abandonment of a demarcation can have a spatial and magnifying effect. Also the view of a beautiful tree, shrub, or similar, should remain free. Because: outside eye-catchers are an effective background for your own planting and make the small garden appear more spacious through the 3D effect. In existing hedges and fences small view Windows, and “”peep-holes”” cut into it and expose. Archways also give the view of the neighboring property free and give the impression that the own garden passes into the other.

Heights stress
Tension in the small garden create some high elements that distract from the length and width of the plot. Rose trellises are pretty passageways and small house trees such as ball trumpet tree, ornamental Apple, mean golden rain and ball Maple set accents. A densely vegetated Pergola, trees and shrubs with cone-shaped crowns can look like garden sculptures.