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The right choice of colours and plants
More depth in the small garden is suggested above all by a well-considered colouring. Evergreen shrubs on the edge of the plot blur the boundary to the neighboring plot, while lighter tones such as the colors of the Japanese gold maple optically open dark corners. Darker, large-leaved plants in the foreground and lower, lighter, small-leaved plants in the background create a depth effect and make a path appear longer. Likewise, pale blue or white flowers make the garden look more spacious, as cool and bright hues are perceived in the distance. With red and violet colors, on the other hand, you should be more economical. In general, it is advisable to limit yourself to a small colour spectrum of the flowers in the small garden. This exudes peace and the garden does not seem overloaded. To make the small garden bright and friendly, white gravel and bright path coverings bring light to the property.

Circular (Grass)Surfaces
A mistake that is often made in small gardens is creating a square or rectangular lawn. Instead, circular and oval lawns visually open the plot when framed by beds and shrubs. Tension is generated when the lawn is in the middle and surrounded by loose planting. This creates Island-shaped areas that loosen up the garden and are nevertheless harmonious.

Water and mirror surfaces give the illusion of space
Although ponds and water features tend to come into their own in large gardens, smaller gardens with water surfaces can also be upgraded. The fact that the sky and the surrounding area are reflected in the water surface thus becomes a spatial aspect that optically enlarges a small green area. In addition, the water surfaces conjure additional brightness in the garden.

A more unusual form of design for small gardens is the so-called “”Trompe-l’oeil””technique. The term comes from French and means “”to deceive the eye””. With the help of cleverly used Mirrors and perspective tricks is simulated Width and depth. Inwards running struts of a wooden frame, trellis or trellis give the eye of the garden visitor visual depth.

A statement
The smaller the garden, the more individual elements such as sculptures, trellises overgrown with climbing plants, light balls and other decorative ideas take centre stage. A small water feature, a carefully selected sculpture, or a Bush with a particularly striking flower at the end of a path or at the property end to fixed points for the eye. This results in additional room depth.