10 Plants That Grow Well Under Trees

10 Plants That Grow Well Under Trees – Gardening Channel

Visual axes create visual vanishing points in the garden and can visually enlarge them. With a stone figure or a small garden fountain at the end of a path you give the impression of spaciousness and also skillfully the selected object in the scene. Create different levels in the garden, for example with steps, a raised bed or by lowering an area to generate more area and thus an optical depth. A meaningful, On – and subdivision of the land and the garden planning. With relatively simple means such as tendrils, half-height hedges, grasses and shrubs, you can make individual areas recede, shield or highlight and delimit resting areas from usable areas.

A rock garden offers the perfect opportunity to visually distinguish an area from the rest of the garden without looking overloaded or dominant. Particularly bright stones or gravel reflect the light and make the garden look larger overall. Also reconsider the property boundary. In the absence of rigid metre-high fences and hedges, they not only maintain good contact with their neighbours, but also create more space. A gently curved path in the garden, this wider, a path along the longitudinal axis will appear narrower. A rejuvenation of the path additionally enhances this effect. A clever arrangement of the garden furniture also ensures more cosiness. You stiffen not to spend too much on a single large Seating group, but distribute small quiet zones on the property and play with colors and shapes.

You also do not have to do without garden decoration in a small garden. However, focus on a few selected pieces instead of many small elements. Also, do not be afraid of large objects. A large sculpture, or a special planter, for example, looks tidier and quieter than many small decorations.

In principle, a small garden should not be too narrow, but should be planted tone on tone to create a balanced and harmonious mood. A certain uniformity of planting also offers advantages in design. Care should be taken to ensure that the plant has several ornamental aspects and lures throughout the year with its splendour of flowers, fruits or brightly coloured leaves or as an evergreen plant permanently brings colour into the garden. The rock pear, an ornamental apple tree or the Dogwood seem Ideal for this. However, you should be careful to use slow-growing shrubs and plants, so that you do not overgrow the valuable space in the garden. Shrubs such as witch hazel or dogwood you can use as well as grasses to give the impression of movement and lightness. Even one’s own tree does not have to be completely dispensed with. Make sure that this is not too expansive and takes up space and prefer to use apple, pear or plum.